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About The Movement School Program

Students attend the core program as a full-time educational option. This program runs from 9am to 3pm five days a week (August through June) and fosters the development of functional skills which are so important to enhance the quality of life in our students with profound motor and other complex challenges. It encompasses all the needs of children with cerebral palsy and other movement disorders in a transdisciplinary program at one location. All developmental areas are addressed: academic, gross and fine motor, speech, communication, social, emotional and self-help.

The Movement School’s® Adoption of Common Core Standards
Adopted in Florida in August 2010, the K-12 Common Core State Standards were developed through a state-led effort to establish consistent and clear education standards for English language arts and mathematics.

The Philosophy of The Movement School™ is to make Common Core Standards of Academics accessible through the use of but not limited to Movement, Technology and Environmental adaptations. The idea that movement is the nucleus to which unifies all of our actions puts at the forefront that motor disorders are a potential for learning disability rather than just a physical disability.
This is due to the effect such problems can have on a child’s ability to explore and interact with their environment independently and spontaneously.

The Movement School® system architects a model of specific movement education pathways using accumulative advantage, compounding interest, and concerted cultivation to ensure the unification of the 5 areas of child development.

So its important to take the 5 areas and bring about a UNIFIED approach to child development, recognizing that each area of development impacts on the next.

• Physical skills
• Play Skills
• Social, emotional and communication skills
• Academic abilities
• Self care skills

The common denominator for each of the areas of development mentioned above is the ability to build or accumulate movement. The foundational base needed to unify all areas of development is MOVEMENT. Furthermore, if one is to get to the root of all of
the areas of development, movement itself is the chief commander that ensures continuity and unifies all areas of development.

The Architectural design of Movement education and Academics specially addresses the needs of each student and composes the correct frequency, duration, and time in order to make continued permanent academic progress. The Movement Education and Academic
program provides the options, access, and opportunity for every child to be able to engage with the world independently.

Helping you achieve your goals is our passion and only priority.

Exercise Evolution on the next page will illustrate the program from Strength to Function.

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