We are physical therapists, teachers, and most importantly, parents of a child with cerebral palsy. We were pediatric therapists and teachers long before Ashley was born. Having her has changed our live's but ultimately for the better.


She is so small, but beautiful. 3 months early, I looked at every feature.

Unbelievable how small a person can start out and still have all the requisite parts.



Effort with an energy that is endless, and knowing that much of what we learn and teach comes from endless attempts of trials and errors, we are teaching from textbooks that are invisible.





Any endeavor in the quest for excellence against seemingly insurmountable odds inspires all of us.



ashleyjourney2001THROUGH THE YEARS

Every aspect of independent life as we know it was going to be a challenge since Ashley having Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy effecting her speech, fine motor, and gross motor. It’s a fine balance between the fight of your life and the joy of living so in some aspects it's not as important where she gets as long as the journey of learning is motivating and fun leading to the best version of herself.


ashleyjourney2002For Ashley to achieve the best version of herself as parents and therapists means to give Ashley options. Without options there are no choices.

As parents and innovative therapists we live the day-to-day and sometimes the hour-to-hour routine, working to make gains with independence for Ashley.  Its almost like a dance of life, where you have a permanent bond, a partnership and a connection that thrives with every beat of the music attempting to help Ashley lead that next dance.





ashleyjourney2009Being parents and therapist gives us an excellent perspective of guidance into a self-sufficient life.





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