A Family Perspective





As Parents/therapists we recognize a good part of your first 20 years of life are spent in an " educational environment" then on top of that you have a child with severe physical limitations, how can both thrive?

As Parents/therapists we also observed that many children were graduating from school at age 22 with fewer skills than when they entered school at age 3 due to decreased options to accessibility.

As Parents/therapists we see the need to give step by step age appropriate opprotunities to accessing mainstream world.

As Parents/therapists we continually give Ashley the opprotunity to accessibility. This is Ashley's decleration of independence.

As Parents/therapist we see that the best approach for Ashley's movement education has 3 components- early, intensive, continuous

  1. How can we help Ashley and other chldren with her set of circumstances? By developing programs offering continued opprotunities
  2. What are our goals for Ashley? We want her to grow into a fully functioning participant in mainstream life.
  3. What does Ashley need to accomplish that? A system that is to be comprehensive and continuous - a step by step age appropriate program that is so tightly woven together she never falls through the cracks.

This is where THE MOVEMENT SCHOOL™ was established. Where " movement" itself is the cirriculum and how movement encourages ones own body to act of its own freedom and interact with the world independently. Movement is the cornerstone to independence of thought and physical expression leading to increased dignity, self-reliance and self-esteem.

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